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Thank you to the clients who allowed me to share their story!

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$805,000 PURCHASE 3Bed|2Bath 1,584 sq ft
Covina, CA - June 2024

Duong | Vong Family - Congrats to my buyers on closing on their new home! This was quite the stressful journey and just like every other escrow, they each have their own story. A lot of game planning was definitely needed for this escrow and fortunately everything worked out as planned. Thank you guys for trusting me with your purchase and enjoy the new home!

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$3,425,000 PURCHASE 5Bed|4Bath 3,700 sq ft
Arcadia, CA - April 2024

Congrats to my buyers on this purchase! A lot of negotiations were made on this luxury home and I'm glad that they were happy with the outcome. Can't wait for them to start their new memories with their growing toddlers!

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$1,238,000 PURCHASE 4Bed|3Bath 2,446 sq ft
Granada Hills, CA - January 2024

Ng | Guardado - Congrats to my buyers closing on their new “forever” home! This wasn’t the smoothest escrow we would like to have, but it definitely helps when there’s trust. I want to give major thanks to their loan officer for referring me and who also made this even possible with all the hurdles we had to overcome. Not to leave out even the seller’s agent for being so cooperative, easy-going, and completely transparent with us. Hands-down, she’s one of the best agents I’ve worked with in a transaction :)

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$900,000 SALE 5Bed|3.5Bath 3,746 sq ft
Riverside, CA - October 2023

The Kell Family | Congrats to my sellers on closing! This is evidence that some things in life you just can't explain and how people come into each other's lives for a reason. I met this seller by accident when her house was already on the market and I brought my buyer to see it. Unfortunately, it was discovered her long time trusted agent wasn't doing the right thing for her and kept her completely in the dark. The seller, being the intimidating and experienced business woman that she is, wanted to get my brutally honest opinion as to why her house wasn't selling and that's when everything started making sense to her. It was then when she decided to put all her trust in me to sell her house. Not only did we sell it very quickly, we sold it for more than what she was originally hoping for and for only 1/2 the commission she was going to pay her original agent. I'm very happy that I still lived up to EVERYTHING I promised her even though I told her that nothing is guaranteed 🙏🏻

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$1,880,000 SALE 5Bed|3.5Bath 5,954 sq ft
Diamond Bar, CA - August 2023

The Abejuela Family | Congrats to my sellers for still being able to sell this high valued home in this tricky market with the high mortgage rates. This was definitely no picnic isolating the most qualified and suitable buyer, but in the end it was all worth it. Hard to imagine my sellers parting from their home for almost 30 years, but it was time for them to downsize after all their kids had moved out. I cannot stress enough how much trust was needed on everyone's part in order for this to happen. Everything has risks and it's important for my clients to understand the risks when making their decision and I cannot be happier how everything turned out! 🙏

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$720,000 PURCHASE 4Bed|2Bath 1,220 sq ft
La Puente, CA - March 2023

The Valdez Family | Congrats to my buyers for closing on their 1st home!! After many many homes we saw, they said that this one was the best for them. I’m glad their escrow was as smooth as it can get for their first experience and closing a week ahead of schedule! I cannot be any happier for them and thank them for trusting me 🙏🏻☺️

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$2,025,000 PURCHASE 6Bed|5Bath 6,839 sq ft
Granada Hills, CA - January 2023

Congrats to my buyer on this property. As big as this house was, I'm happy that the previous owner really did an honest effort to leave the house in the best condition possible for my buyer. This is the perfect home for my buyer and his family to upsize in and start new memories on this new chapter of their lives.

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$1,260,000 PURCHASE 4Bed|2.5Bath 6,824 sq ft
La Palma, CA - January 2023

The Szeto Family | Congrats to my buyers, closing on their 2nd and quite possibly their ’forever’ home! This escrow wasn’t the smoothest as seller was being difficult, but I thank my buyers for all their patience and trust in me. I’m glad they allowed me to share this special moment as they were still very happy with the result in the end.

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$2,350,000 PURCHASE 6Bed|2Bath 6,597 sq ft
Los Angeles, CA - November 2022

The Valdez Family | Congrats to my buyers on this luxury home upsize! We saw a lot of luxury homes but this one had fit all my buyer’s needs…or “wants” . Thanks for trusting me with your milestone purchase! The bigger the home the bigger the trust. This house was listed originally for $2,550,000, but because we understood where the market was at the time, my buyer was able to save over $200,000 after negotiations.

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$1,125,000 SALE 3Bed|2Bath 2,305 sq ft
Monterey Park, CA - August 2022

The Szeto Family | Congrats to my sellers on still making top dollar $1,125,000 in this down shifting market. And also one of the smoothest and fastest escrows I’ve had. Although trust and understanding the market played a huge role, I can’t exclude luck either.

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$2,200,000 SALE 4Bed|5Bath 4,543 sq ft
West Covina, CA - August 2022

The Dang|Nguyen Family. Congrats to my sellers on closing for top dollar! This escrow was definitely no picnic, especially during this down shifting market. Trust played a big part, not just for my sellers, but for everyone involved.

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$650,000 SALE 3Bed|2Bath 1,058 sq ft

The Zhang Family | Congrats on selling their first home! Not only did they recoup all their money spent on remodeling this once fixer upper, but also made lots more on top of that! None of this could’ve been possible without their trust and I’m glad I was able to exceed their expectations!

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$930,000 PURCHASE 5Bed|3Bath 2,624 sq ft
EASTVALE, CA - March 2022

The Zhang Family | With their first child coming due just around the corner, I'm so glad I was able to not only help them find, but also buy this lovely house so quickly, especially in this still ridiculous sellers market. This will be their 2nd and potential "forever home", perfect to start their new memories as a family.

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$715,000 PURCHASE 4Bed|2.5Bath 2,420 sq ft
FONTANA, CA - September 2021

The Perez Family | Finally closing on their “forever” home after selling their very first home. It wasn’t an easy process but definitely worth the wait. A lot of trust and patience on everyone’s part made this possible and I cannot be any happier for my clients!

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$900,000 SALE 5Bed|2.75Bath 2,662 sq ft
SAN DIMAS, CA - August 2021

The Zappey Family | They finally had to part from their beloved home of 35+ years with so many memories, I can't imagine how hard it must've been. But it was definitely time to downsize, and what a perfect time to sell getting top dollar for their home!

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$950,000 PURCHASE 3Bed|2.5Bath 1,872 sq ft

The Pham|Phan Family. They were looking for the better part of a year, always getting their offers outbid. Finally we came to this home and I want to thank them, the listing agent, and the seller for their trust in me. We weren’t the highest offer, but trust goes a long way all around.

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$665,000 SALE 3Bed|1Bath 1,205 sq ft

COVINA, CA - August 2021

The Perez Family | They desperately needed to upsize and although it was hard to give up their 1st home of 10+ years and all their hard earned money they put into it, I'm glad they trusted me in making bold moves on their sale which in turn made them over $100k from their initial asking price!

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$608,610 PURCHASE 4Bed|3Bath 2,098 sq ft CHINO, CA - May 2021

The Choi Family | They were one of many families subject to paying high rent and just wanted to finally invest their hard earned money into a home they can finally call their own. 

I’m glad I was able to help avoid competing with all these crazy bidding wars during this treacherous time for buyers by looking into purchasing brand new homes.

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